“David Miclean, [is] an attorney with a wealth of experience in counseling companies on confidentiality and trade secret issues, and navigating issues associated with employees having potentially confidential information from others.”

David M. Shaw – Consultant, Monterey Advisors LLC (and former General Counsel Kyphon Inc.)

“As a client represented by David, we were very pleased with his capability to clearly and convincingly present our case to the judge. Most importantly, he paid full attention to his client’s interests all the way to the end.”

– Sean Bi – Vice President of Business Strategy, ArcSoft, Inc.

“I have worked with Dave for over 10 years in several intellectual property and commercial litigation matters involving Power Integrations power conversion products and enterprise software applications. I have observed Dave cross-examining witnesses at a patent trial,  arguing to a judge in binding arbitration, negotiating settlements, and taking/defending depositions. In every case, his legal skills are excellent. But I have also come to appreciate Dave’s good judgment, common sense, and practical advice in litigation and consultation matters. I recall one case Dave handled where one of our vendors sought to enforce a contract for a failed enterprise software implementation. When Dave couldn’t convince the vendor to drop the claim, we sued the vendor for fraud, breach of contract and negligence and Dave obtained a judgment for us of over $450,000. I can trust Dave to do great legal work in an efficient manner which is why I have also referred him to others outside my company.”

Cliff Walker, Vice President-Corporate Development, Power Integrations

“Dave Miclean was opposing counsel in a complex trademark dispute. Dave demonstrated superb knowledge of the significant legal issues, which he convincingly argued to support his client’s position.  Dave was able to navigate the case to an efficient, effective resolution for his client despite a history of animosity between the parties over use of their respective marks.”

– Stephen P. Ellingson – Partner – Hayes, Scott, Bonino, Ellingson & McClay LLP

“Dave has been a good friend for over 30 years. He is strong in his faith, commitment to his family and of strong moral character. Some years ago, I helped put a local drug dealer in state prison. The drug dealer convinced his wife to file a serious false criminal charge against me in hopes of defaming my character. After the district attorney’s office declined to file criminal charges for the false claim, citing ’It is hard to prove a negative’, Dave advised me of my civil options. Within months of filing a defamation lawsuit, and Dave aggressively pursuing the case, the drug dealer and his wife paid $20,000 to settle the litigation. Though the case was about principle not money, — thanks to Dave, at least one criminal knows there are consequences for making false accusations against a police officer.”

– Todd Hurst, Officer, Redwood City Police Department

“Dave Miclean arrived at a time when my family-law attorney truly didn’t give me or my case the attention it deserved. Because of a lack of investigation, an important detail of my ex-husband’s small business LLC was not discovered. Without knowledge of the discovery, I did not have full understanding. Dave was willing to come alongside me and smooth a road that had mountains in it. His expertise as a lawyer helped put my fears at ease and gave me an understanding of the business legalities in the mix of a divorce. He responded to my questions in a timely manner, stood up to others with grace (such as my ex-husband’s business partner), and got his point across with results. Dave gave me solid ground to stand on and a better understanding of the business circumstances surrounding my divorce. I found new strength and knowledge that I wasn’t alone; he was willing to fight for me.”

– Tammy Calderon, pro bono client

“I have unique insight into Dave’s lawyering and leadership skills, having started my career as Dave’s associate and, later, having served as opposing counsel in a commercial litigation and accompanying mediation. As Dave’s associate, I benefitted from his experience, supervision and friendship. As Dave’s legal adversary, I could fully appreciate the effectiveness of his advocacy skills, balanced with a fundamental understanding of how litigation fits within the context of business negotiations.”

– Jeff Lokey – Partner – Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

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